Congressman Pete Aguilar

Representing the 31st District of California

Press Releases

May 1, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces Spring Academy Day
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that his office will host Spring Academy Day, which is a workshop and information session for students in California’s 31st Congressional district who are interested in attending a U.S. Service Academy. Representatives from the United States Military Academy at West Point, United States Naval Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy, United States Air Force Academy and the United States Merchant Marine Academy will be in attendance.
April 28, 2017 Press Release
In Case You Missed It: ROTC-for-Cybersecurity Scholarship Returns to CSUSB with Aguilar’s Help
Rep. Pete Aguilar has made investing in cybersecurity a top priority, to both enhance the United States’ defense programs and to develop jobs in the Inland Empire for the 21st century economy. Earlier this year, Rep. Aguilar announced that his cyberwarriors pilot program, which was included in legislation signed into law last year, has begun implementation by the United States Army. Additionally, Rep. Aguilar secured $5 million in a bill that passed the House of Representatives to restart a cybersecurity scholarship program affecting California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) students. Beau Yarbrough with the San Bernardino Sun has the story.
April 27, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces #DearPete Social Media Campaign
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced a new social media campaign, #DearPete, to highlight his focus on accessibility and responsiveness to constituents of California’s 31st Congressional District. Each week, Rep. Aguilar will share a letter he receives from a constituent, as well as his handwritten response. The posts will appear regularly on his social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
April 19, 2017 Press Release
In Case You Missed It: Rep. Pete Aguilar Addresses Constituents at San Bernardino Town Hall
Last night, Rep. Pete Aguilar held a town hall for constituents of California’s 31st Congressional district in San Bernardino. The event was moderated by former Press-Enterprise columnist Cassie MacDuff and hosted over 500 Inland Empire residents.
April 14, 2017 Press Release
In Case You Missed It: Join Me For A Town Hall
This week, Rep. Pete Aguilar authored an editorial for the Inland Empire Community News, reflecting on the importance of constituent service events to help Inland Empire residents, such as workshops for students to assist with college affordability, trainings for small businesses looking to grow and expand, and fairs to provide resources for seniors and help job seekers in San Bernardino County.
April 12, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Kicks Off ‘Job For A Day’ Tour of the Inland Empire
On Sunday, Rep. Pete Aguilar kicked off his ‘Job For A Day’ Tour of the Inland Empire at Mitla Café in San Bernardino, where he worked as a server. Rep. Aguilar’s tour will take him across California’s 31st Congressional District, where he will work different jobs at businesses throughout the community to connect with residents and learn more about local businesses and the communities they serve.
April 10, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Responds to North Park Elementary School Shooting
Rep. Pete Aguilar issued a statement in response to the shooting at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino.
April 5, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Testifies in Support of Bipartisan Bill to Protect San Bernardino County Environment and Support Economic Development
Rep. Pete Aguilar testified before the Natural Resources Committee in support of H.R. 497, the Santa Ana River Wash Plan Land Exchange Act, which is a land-use plan that allows the transfer of land between the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District and the Bureau of Land Management. The land exchange takes place in a designated region within the Santa Ana Wash, at the junction of the Santa Ana River and Mill Creek. Rep. Aguilar originally introduced the bipartisan bill in 2015 with fellow San Bernardino County Representative Paul Cook (R-Apple Valley). Rep. Aguilar joined Rep. Cook to reintroduce the legislation in the 115th Congress earlier this year.
April 5, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces April Town Hall
Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that he will host a town hall on Tuesday, April 18th in San Bernardino for constituents of California’s 31st Congressional District. The event will be moderated by former Press-Enterprise columnist, Cassie MacDuff.
March 30, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces 2017 Congressional Art Competition for Inland Empire High School Students
Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that his office will participate in the 2017 Congressional Art Competition, an annual program that allows high school students from congressional districts throughout the country to share their works of art. The theme of this year’s contest is “My Wish” and is open to all high school students living in California’s 31st Congressional District.