Congressman Pete Aguilar

Representing the 31st District of California

Press Releases

December 19, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Reacts to Passage of GOP Tax Bill
Rep. Pete Aguilar issued a statement in response to the passage of the Conference Report for H.R. 1, Congressional Republicans’ attempt to provide a massive tax cut for corporations at the expense of middle-class families.
December 18, 2017 Press Release
Rep. Aguilar Calls for Immediate Passage of the Dream Act
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar issued a statement calling on Congressional Republicans to allow for a vote on the Dream Act, bipartisan legislation that would establish a pathway to citizenship for thousands of young immigrants, known as Dreamers, who came to the United States as children.
December 14, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Introduces Legislation to Increase Preparedness for Active Shooter Incidents
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar introduced the Providing Rational Options Toward the Elimination of Catastrophic Terrorism (PROTECT) Act, legislation that would increase coordination between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and local law enforcement by creating prevention and response plans at the local level for active shooting and mass casualty incidents. The bill would require the Secretary of DHS to provide guidance to state and local agencies on how to create emergency action plans to prepare for mass shooting events and expand the availability of federal grants to prepare for and prevent active shooter events.
November 20, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces $88.6 Million Army Contract for Rancho Cucamonga’s General Micro Systems
Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that General Micro Systems (GMS), a Rancho Cucamonga-based technology company, was awarded a contract worth $88.6 million with the US Army. As a result of the contract, GMS will provide the Army with critical technology such as the new S402-LC/SW server and rugged display system. This technology, used to assist soldiers as they attempt to detect landmines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), is designed to withstand extreme conditions and will help keep our troops safe while deployed in hostile areas.
November 15, 2017 Press Release
Representatives Aguilar and Guthrie Launch Bipartisan E-Commerce Caucus
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA) and Rep. Brett Guthrie (R-KY) launched the Congressional E-Commerce Caucus. This bipartisan caucus aims to explore federal policy related to the E-Commerce industry and its impacts on the American economy. The caucus will focus on four policy areas: expanding internet access, investing in infrastructure, promoting job growth and connecting buyers to sellers.
November 13, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces 60 Local Job Seekers Hired As Result of 3rd Annual Jobs Fair
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that 60 Inland Empire residents were able to find employment as a result of his San Bernardino Jobs Fair, which was held in August. The event featured employers from throughout San Bernardino County, and was attended by over 300 local job seekers.
October 26, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces Over $500,000 to Combat Opioid Addiction in Inland Empire
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that Inland Empire health agencies have received a total of $517,554 through the Access Increases in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (AIMS) grant program. The San Bernardino County Department of Public Health and Inland Behavioral Health Services each received an AIMS grant of $175,500, and the SAC Health System (SACHS) received an award of $166,554. The funding was made available through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), a division of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and will be used to fund treatment and prevention resources to combat opioid addiction. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), opioids were responsible for more than half a million overdose deaths in America between 2000 and 2015.
October 17, 2017 Press Release
In Case You Missed It: Rep. Aguilar Holds Redlands Town Hall
Yesterday, Rep. Pete Aguilar held a town hall meeting in Redlands to discuss issues affecting Inland Empire families. This town hall was the latest in a series of events designed to allow Rep. Aguilar to connect directly with members of the community. So far this year, Rep. Aguilar has held two constituent town halls, resource fairs for local veterans and seniors, and an Inland Empire jobs fair.
October 10, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces $300,000 Grant for Cancer Treatment Research
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that Elf Zone, Inc., a Loma Linda based health care start-up, has received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant in the amount of $299,999 from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The SBIR program allows small businesses to compete for federal funding, and is intended to spur innovation through research and development. The grant money will be used to develop an experimental therapy to treat a rare and deadly form of leukemia which disproportionately affects Hispanic children.
October 6, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Introduces Bill to Monitor Private Jet Travel by Trump Administration Officials
This week, Rep. Pete Aguilar introduced H.R. 3974, the Justifiable and Efficient Transportation Substitutes (JETS) Act. This bill prohibits most cabinet officials from using taxpayer money for official travel on private planes until a system is developed to provide the necessary oversight and accountability for private air travel. The bill also includes a public disclosure provision, allowing the American public to track exactly how their tax dollars are being spent. The bill was introduced in the wake of revelations that Trump Administration officials have been regularly misusing taxpayer money to charter private flights, including for nonofficial business.