Congressman Pete Aguilar

Representing the 31st District of California

Press Releases

August 8, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces 2017 Inland Empire Jobs Fair for San Bernardino County Residents
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that he is hosting an Inland Empire Jobs Fair on Friday, August 25th from 10:00AM to 1:00PM at the San Bernardino Boys & Girls Club. The jobs fair will connect job seekers with Inland Empire employers looking to hire. This is Rep. Aguilar’s third jobs fair. His two previous jobs fairs have helped over one hundred San Bernardino County residents find full-time work.
August 2, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Introduces College Affordability Bill To Relieve Inland Empire Families of Student Debt

 Last week, Rep. Pete Aguilar re-introduced his bill, the Grace Period Alleviation (GPA) Act, which helps recent graduates reduce and manage their federal student loan debt. Rep. Aguilar previously introduced the bill in the 114th Congress.

July 31, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Issues August District Work Period Report to Constituents
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar reflected on the first quarter of the 115th Congress, where he has served the people of California’s 31st Congressional District in the House of Representatives.
July 28, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces Over $275,000 For Colton Fire Department Emergency Preparedness
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded the City of Colton Fire Department $276,515 in the form of an Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG). The AFG Program helps first responder agencies across the nation access the necessary training and equipment to prepare for and respond to fires and extraordinary emergencies.
July 25, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Blasts GOP Efforts to Force Inland Empire Families to Foot the Bill For President Trump’s Border Wall

In a press conference this morning and on the House floor this afternoon, Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-San Bernardino) stood up to House Republican efforts to include $1.6 billion to fund President Donald Trump’s border wall between the United States and Mexico in a spending bill that is intended to support veterans, American troops and defense priorities for the fiscal year.

July 24, 2017 Press Release
In Case You Missed It—Pete Aguilar: Addressing Needs, Concerns of Local Veterans
Yesterday, Rep. Pete Aguilar authored an op-ed for the San Bernardino Sun, discussing the critical need to improve health care services for veterans, and the common goal of both Democrats and Republicans to help veterans get the assistance they deserve and need to live healthy lives.
July 20, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces Veterans Resource Fair
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that he will hold a Veterans Resource Fair on Friday, August 18th from 10:00AM to 1:00PM at the Frank A. Gonzales Community Center in Colton. The event will provide veterans in California’s 31st Congressional District with information and resources on health care, housing, employment and assistance with VA claims.
July 19, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces $1.7 Million in Cybersecurity Funding for CSUSB
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) will receive $1.7 million in federal funding from the National Security Agency (NSA) for CSUSB’s NICE Challenge Project, which helps teach students cybersecurity skills while assessing their workforce readiness through virtualized real-world scenarios.
July 18, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces Funding To Support Recovery Efforts at North Park Elementary School
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) has been awarded $69,651 from the Department of Education through the Project School Emergency Response to Violence (SERV) Grant Program. Rep. Aguilar authored a letter of support for the federal grant on behalf of the school district in June to help North Park Elementary recover from the horrific shooting that claimed the lives of Karen Smith and Jonathan Martinez, a teacher and eight-year-old student at the San Bernardino school.
July 17, 2017 Press Release
Aguilar Announces $1.3 Million for San Bernardino County Terrorism Preparedness Funding
Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that the Department of Homeland Security awarded San Bernardino County $1.3 million in federal funds to be used to improve the region’s ability to prepare for, prevent and respond to potential terrorist attacks. The funding comes after more than 18 months of Rep. Aguilar advocating for the region to receive the funds and calling on the federal government to allocate additional federal dollars to the Inland Empire community, which is still recovering from the horrific terror attack at the Inland Regional Center on December 2, 2015 that killed 14 and seriously injured 22. The funding will be dispersed through the Program to Prepare Communities for Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks (CCTA).