Congressman Pete Aguilar

Representing the 31st District of California

Share your Loma Linda VA Experience

Helping veterans get the care they deserve and need to live healthy lives is a top priority. That’s why I’ve supported a number of measures that address veteran health care, as well as housing and employment. While I meet with Inland Empire veterans and local advocates on my Veterans Advisory Board frequently, it’s important that I also hear directly from you about your experiences in the health care system. I want to have an open conversation about what specifically should be done to make sure veterans get the help and care they deserve.

I hope you’ll share your story with me so we can work together to improve health care for Inland Empire veterans

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Your Information
Branch of Service:
Are you a combat veteran?
Have you had any issues scheduling medical appointments with the Loma Linda VA (LLVA)?
In your most recent attempt to schedule an appointment, what was the earliest the LLVA was able to schedule your appointment?
If you utilized the LLVA emergency room, how long did it take to be seen by a medical doctor?
Do you feel given the nature of your injuries and pain level you were seen in a reasonable amount of time?
If you were seen or treated at the LLVA, do you feel you received a thorough medical examination that addressed all of your medical issues?
If you recently visited the LLVA for an appointment, were you able to be seen at the scheduled time of your visit?
Have you ever used the Patient Advocate office?
If yes, did they follow up with you on your complaint/issue in a timely manner?
If you were unable to drive to a medical facility, was the LLVA able to send you a taxi or connect you with a shuttle program?
If the appointment was with a mental health professional, was the VA staff able to schedule you an appointment in a reasonable amount of time?
If referred to the Choice Program, were you able to connect with another hospital/clinic that was able to address your medical needs within 30 days?
Please rate the LLVA services from 1 – 5, 1 being the lowest grade and 5 being the highest.
Customer Service:
Health Care:
Access to facility:
Overall Satisfaction: