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March 17, 2015

Representative Aguilar Stands Up for Seniors, Students, and Middle-Class Families

This afternoon, Rep. Pete Aguilar (CA-31) took to the House floor to stand up for seniors, students, and middle-class families in response to the Republican Budget, which was revealed earlier today.

“If the GOP budget revealed today should come to pass, it would have devastating effects on America’s middle class and undo the progress that we have made. This budget will force middle-class families to work harder and get less. The GOP has presented us with legislation that will keep paychecks stagnant, making it harder to buy a home; it would cut student loans, making it difficult for kids to afford college; and it would strip away secure retirement by privatizing Medicare,” said Aguilar.

He continued, “We cannot afford to balance America’s checkbook on the backs of the middle class. In the district where I come from—California’s Inland Empire—families are struggling from the recession and are fighting to catch up with the rest of the nation. I cannot and will not ask them to bear this burden because the GOP can’t pass a budget.”

The proposed budget contains devastating cuts to seniors, students, and working families. The plan would voucherize Medicare, exposing some of America’s most vulnerable population. It would also slash funding for student loans and continue the draconian cuts created by the sequester, forcing America’s working families to pay the price for the House GOP’s inability to balance a budget. Rep. Aguilar’s remarks can be viewed here.