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March 18, 2015

Representative Pete Aguilar Honors Women’s Achievements throughout History

Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar (CA-31) released a recorded statement honoring women in recognition of Women’s History Month, which is celebrated throughout the month of March.

“This Women’s History month we honor the sacrifices and achievements made by the women who have moved our nation forward, from pioneers such as Susan B. Anthony, who led the women’s suffrage movement, to young female leaders today who continue that fight, advocating for full equality at home and in the work place. We owe it to the women who paved the way and to those who walk in their footsteps to remember and honor their service to our nation.” said Aguilar in a recorded statement. 

He continued, “That is why today I’m asking you to not only join me in remembering these courageous women, but to stand with me and help finish what they started. Until our nation’s daughters have the same opportunities as our sons, our work is not over. This Women’s History Month, I encourage you to celebrate the contributions that America’s women have made throughout our history, and to carry their message forward so together we can ensure that women have the economic security and opportunities they deserve.”

The video can be watched in full here