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March 31, 2015

Rep. Pete Aguilar Honors Labor and Civil Rights Leader César Chávez

Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar released the following statement in honor of Chicano Civil Rights leader and activist, César Chávez:

“Today we honor the life and work of César Chávez, a titan in the Chicano Civil Rights Movement. He was a local farmer and activist, who ultimately rose to become one of the most influential grassroots civil rights and labor leaders in the Chicano community.”

“While he is no longer with us, his voice, work, and the community he cultivated live on through those who stood beside him, including Dolores Huerta, and through those who will continue to carry his message forward.”

“I was proud to co-sponsor a resolution honoring the accomplishments and legacy of César Chávez, recognizing his mission to attain dignity and respect for farm workers, and his practice of nonviolence. He empowered our community and nation, and inspired others fighting for human rights around the world.”

Last week, Rep. Aguilar co-sponsored a resolution honoring César Chávez. He also attended the Inland Empire Chicano Latino Caucus’ 4th Annual César Chávez Memorial breakfast in San Bernardino on Saturday. César Chávez Day is a national holiday celebrated on March 31st



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