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May 19, 2015

Rep. Aguilar Fights to Protect Funds for California Transportation and Infrastructure

Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar (CA-31) fought to protect California transportation and infrastructure, supporting the Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2015, which will allow authorized federal funding for transportation and infrastructure projects in California and across the country to continue through the deadline of July 31st.

“Protecting the Inland Empire’s transportation and infrastructure projects is vital to our local economy and workforce. The Highway Trust Fund supports crucial initiatives in our community, including the Devore Interchange and the I-215 Bi-County HOV lane projects. With local projects and jobs on the line, we cannot continue with small patches and quick fixes to fund our regional transit system,” said Rep. Aguilar. He added, “The time is long overdue for Congress to introduce a long-term funding plan that allows localities the time and power to see regional projects through without impediments from the federal government. Our friends and neighbors deserve dependable public transportation and strong, thriving local economies that have access to reliable channels to transport goods and services to and from local businesses.”

Rep. Aguilar voted in favor of H.R. 2353, the Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2015, which passed with a vote of 387 to 35 to 1. The Highway Trust Fund supports a number of projects throughout California’s 31st congressional district, including the I-10 Tippecanoe Interchange Phase II and the I-15 Baseline Interchange among several others.