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September 02, 2015

Aguilar Sits Down with Fox News for “Freshman Class” Series

Earlier this year, Rep. Pete Aguilar (CA-31) sat down with Joel Waldman of Fox News to talk about his experience as a freshman member of Congress. The interview—which was released yesterday afternoon—covers Rep. Aguilar’s first few months in office where he discusses his focus on working across party lines to support middle-class families, as well as connecting residents with the federal government through assistance with Social Security, Medicare, veterans benefits, immigration, and more.

“We’ve tried to work hard on constituent services, making sure that we connect the federal role to residents back in San Bernardino County has been an important part, as well as supporting legislation on a bipartisan basis and working with both sides to get things done,” said Rep. Aguilar.

When asked about the journey from his humble beginnings in San Bernardino to representing his hometown in Congress, Rep. Aguilar replied, “I’m a fourth generation kid from San Bernardino County who is living this dream. It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to represent the residents of San Bernardino County…so, starting emptying ashtrays and mopping floors in the San Bernardino County courthouse and to be able to serve the region that I love and care so much about is just a very special feeling.”

Rep. Aguilar represents California’s 31st Congressional District in San Bernardino County. He sits on the House Armed Services and Agriculture Committees. Before entering Congress, Rep. Aguilar served as the Mayor of Redlands, where he resides today with his wife and two children. The interview can be viewed in full here.