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October 02, 2015

Aguilar Continues Conversations with Inland Empire Families Caught in Immigration Crisis

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, Rep. Pete Aguilar is speaking with Inland Empire families to hear their personal stories of coming to the United States and their journey toward citizenship. Last week he spoke with Josefina Laguna of Redlands who would be eligible for Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) under the President’s executive orders, which were issued last year. This week, Rep. Aguilar spoke with Blanca Becerril. Blanca and her husband Alberto are undocumented and would also be eligible for DAPA. They are San Bernardino residents and have three children who are United States citizens.

“Blanca’s personal story reaffirms my support for programs like DAPA and DACA and furthers my commitment to fighting for comprehensive immigration reform. We need to have a system in place that recognizes the hard work and willingness of people to have legal status so we can keep families together and grow our community,” said Rep. Pete Aguilar.

“My children are six, three and two. I want them to continue their education and graduate from university. I’m taking English classes so I can help them with their homework,” said Blanca. She continued, “My six year old is very smart and has a natural gift for talking with people—I push him to study hard so he can do well in school. If he keeps at it, I think he could be our President one day.”

Blanca and her husband Alberto reside in San Bernardino. Alberto just finished a program to get his contracting license in California. Rep. Aguilar’s conversation with Ms. Becerril was facilitated by the Coalition for Human Immigration Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). He supports comprehensive immigration reform and took a lead role in February of this year during the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) showdown when House Republicans threatened to shut down the agency in an effort to reverse President Obama’s executive orders on immigration.