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March 31, 2016

Aguilar Hosts Inland Empire Water Experts at Roundtable Discussion

Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar hosted a Water Roundtable Discussion with members of the Inland Empire water community to discuss a variety of issues related to California water, including water supply monitoring, federal legislation and proposals, and updates on Inland Empire water projects. Participants represented different fields of the water community, including representatives from San Bernardino County cities, water agencies and water consultants. Today’s session was held at the East Valley Water District in Highland.

“Protecting our water supply is one of the most important issues we face as a region, state and nation. From conserving our water supply during California’s historic drought, to learning from the lead crisis in Flint, Michigan, there were a number of important topics for us to address,” said Rep. Aguilar. He added, “I’m grateful that representatives from the Inland Empire water community sat down with me to map out what we can do locally and nationally to safeguard our water supply.” 

Water Resources Consultant Maria Elena Kennedy attended the event and said, “I applaud Congressman Aguilar for his leadership in bringing together water managers from the Inland Empire to find solutions to our water supply needs. The Congressman’s dedication to the residents of California’s 31st Congressional District is admirable.”

Preserving and maintaining the Inland Empire’s water supply is a critical issue of both public health and environmental sustainability. Since taking office last year, Rep. Aguilar has made this a top priority, cosponsoring and supporting legislation to confront the California drought crisis and to improve water quality in San Bernardino County and across the nation. These bills include the Drought Recovery and Resilience Act, the Water in the 21st Century Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act Improved Compliance Awareness. 


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