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December 23, 2016

Aguilar Announces $4 Million in Federal Funds for Inland Regional Center Terror Attack Victims’ Families and Survivors

Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has awarded $4 million to support short-and long-term needs of Inland Regional Center terror attack survivors and families of victims as they continue to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of the tragedy that killed 14 and seriously injured 22 on December 2, 2015.

“One year later, survivors and victims’ families are still fighting to heal and move forward, so as they navigate this process it is our responsibility as their leaders and advocates to ensure they have access to the care they deserve,” said Rep. Aguilar. He continued, “These federal funds will help, but there is more work to do and I remain committed to working with the survivors, my regional partners and local officials to ensure that every survivor and family member has the resources they need to recover.”

“The funding from this grant will support the long-term needs of the victims and the San Bernardino community as they continue to recover from the tragic event,” said CalVCB Executive Officer Julie Nauman. “We are grateful to OVC for these additional resources which will be put to good use with needed mental health treatment, crisis counseling, peer support training, community resiliency forums and other critical services that will help victims and their families heal.”

The funds were disbursed through the DOJ’s Anti-Terrorism and Emergency Assistance Program (AEAP) to the California Victim Compensation Board, which will reimburse San Bernardino County for expenses and projects funded by the grant. The grant will help pay for services for survivors and family members including, medical leave, COBRA reimbursement, lost income, mental health care, medical expenses, funeral expenses and rehabilitation. Additionally, the grant will fund resources that affect the broader community, including monthly resiliency forums, trauma workshops and mental health treatment for first responders and medical personnel who played pivotal roles in the community’s response to the attack. Rep. Aguilar was a fierce advocate for the federal grant. He authored a letter of support, which can be read here, and he remained in close contact with the Office for Victims of Crime as the grant application progressed through the review process.

Since the terror attack in San Bernardino, Rep. Aguilar has been resolute in fighting for funds from the federal government to support the community and law enforcement in the wake of the attack. Last year, he worked with Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Corona) to deliver $1 million in federal funds to offset costs incurred from local law enforcement’s heroic response to the attack. Rep. Aguilar continues to work with his colleagues in Congress, federal agencies and local leaders to recover additional federal aid to help the City of San Bernardino and surrounding areas rebuild more than one year after the tragedy.