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February 09, 2018

Rep. Aguilar Issues Statement on Passage of Budget Agreement

Today, Rep. Pete Aguilar issued the following statement after voting against the budget agreement:

“After months of debate and bipartisan compromise, Speaker Ryan has refused to make even the slightest concession to help protect hundreds of thousands of Dreamers — who have grown up in this country, started careers and families in this country, and have served in this country’s military — from deportation. The budget agreement that passed the House today contains many provisions that I support, but it is incomplete. I voted against this deal because I cannot support legislation that fails to address DACA without a commitment from the Speaker that the House will take up legislation to protect Dreamers, who are running out of time. There are bipartisan compromises on this issue that could pass both houses of Congress today, including the USA Act introduced by Rep. Hurd and myself.  All we asked was that the Speaker show the same good faith afforded to my colleagues in the Senate by promising an open and fair process in the House to debate the bipartisan USA Act and any other bill that provides a legislative fix for Dreamers. We deserve a vote.”