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September 24, 2018

Reflections of Redlands: Pete Aguilar Returns

Aguilar achieved an early starting career in politics; he already has city council member, mayor, and congressman on his resume before even turning the age of 40. For fellow bulldogs interested in Public Service, Aguilar gave the following advice.

“Be involved in your community. Be involved by volunteering or being active in nonprofits and organizations. Get to know people and broaden your network.” Aguilar said. “Those are the things that will pay dividends by making the community a better place, and also showing people that you are interested in a leadership role in a community”

Aguilar is also an advocate for the fundamental integration of community service learning in education at the University of Redlands.

“I think that is the benefit of what the university offers, which is kind of that entry point by doing your community service learning. You can do it here in Redlands or at home in the summer. But by being involved in the community and your surroundings there is not better start to a life in public service.” Aguilar said.