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February 05, 2019

Aguilar Calls for President Trump to Commit to Bipartisan Cooperation During State of the Union

Rep. Pete Aguilar called for President Trump to use his platform at the 2019 State of the Union address to commit to bipartisan cooperation in order to avoid another costly government shutdown if funding lapses on February 15th and to work across the aisle during the 116th Congress to address issues critical to the American public. Sister Hortencia Del Villar, Director of Social Concerns of the Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino and an immigrant-rights advocate, will attend the address as Rep. Aguilar’s guest.

“As a member of the bipartisan conference committee tasked with producing a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security, my priority is to make sure we are focusing on smart, effective solutions to enhance security and address the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. I hope that as the president speaks to Congress and the nation tonight, he will echo members of the conference committee who have committed to working across the aisle to find evidence-based solutions to the challenges we face at the border. We need the president to refrain from his usual anti-immigrant attacks and attempts to incite fear, and instead encourage sensible policy solutions at the border,” said Rep. Aguilar.

Sister Hortencia Del Villar commented, “As a Consecrated member of the Catholic Church, I believe that the dignity of every human being must be respected and protected. In my ministry with our immigrant brothers and sisters, I have witnessed the suffering, fear, anxiety and desperation of many children and young people affected by our broken immigration system. I am hopeful our President will speak on his openness to provide permanent solutions to Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status Holders, unaccompanied children and asylum seekers. I am hopeful that our President will speak on unity and collaboration to make a compassionate deal where all vulnerable groups win, including our brothers and sisters working in public service. I am hopeful that Hope will prevail.”