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April 24, 2019

Aguilar Takes Job for a Day Tour to One of San Bernardino’s Newest Small Businesses

Rep. Pete Aguilar made the second stop of 2019 on his Job for a Day tour of the Inland Empire, working as a barista at Viva la Boba in San Bernardino. The small business opened in March with the goals of creating a community-oriented space and helping to revitalize downtown San Bernardino.


“My Job for a Day tour is all about connecting with the working people who make the Inland Empire economy run, and the young entrepreneurs who founded Viva la Boba are contributing to that cause in a major way. I had a great time working with the staff and talking to customers about how important small businesses like this one can be to our community, and I hope that their success will inspire others to invest in San Bernardino,” said Aguilar.


“The opportunity to have Congressman Aguilar be our barista for the day was both unique and exciting. As a community-focused café, we were proud to feature such a prominent figure in our community,” said Tansu Philip, co-founder of Viva la Boba.


Rep. Aguilar’s Job for a Day tour allows him to experience different jobs throughout the Inland Empire and learn how the federal government can help support local businesses. A map of previous Job for a Day stops can be found here.