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June 20, 2019

Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month, Aguilar Takes Job for a Day Tour to Immigrant-Owned Small Business

Rep. Pete Aguilar took his “Job for a Day” tour of the Inland Empire to Tacos Don Ramon in San Bernardino, where he worked for the day as both a cook and a cashier. Tacos Don Ramon is owned by Ramon and Maria Rodriguez, who opened the business with the goal of selling authentic Mexico City-style cuisine after immigrating to Southern California from Mexico. Aguilar chose the location to highlight the contributions of immigrants to the San Bernardino economy during Immigrant Heritage Month, which takes place each year in June.

“My Job for a Day tour is all about meeting people where they are in our community. Whether it’s hearing from business owners about ways we can set them up to succeed or from employees and customers about the issues they face in our community, the feedback I get during these stops is invaluable. I was thrilled to hear the unique experience of Ramon and Maria as immigrant business-owners, and to highlight the good work they’re doing to create jobs and help sustain our local economy,” said Aguilar.

“Our belief in the American Dream is part of who we are as a family, and why we love bringing our community together around the table with good food,” said Maria Rodriguez. “We thank Congressman Aguilar for rolling up his sleeves and helping us in our kitchen, and for his genuine support of small businesses like ours.”

An advocate for fair immigration laws, Aguilar has worked consistently as Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee to create opportunities for the immigrant community. Earlier this month, his provisions to protect DACA recipients from wrongful deportations and allow them to become eligible for federal employment were passed by the House Appropriations Committee.