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June 12, 2020

Aguilar Announces Winner of Congressional Art Competition

Pete Aguilar announced that Ashely Cabrera, a junior at Rialto High School, is the winner of the 2020 Congressional Art Competition for California’s 31st Congressional District for her submission entitled “Her Struggle.”


“The struggle my mother goes through inspired me to photograph her. My intentions in this artwork was to portray the emotions that a mother is feeling. I wanted to make her facial expression powerful and be the main focus of this photo. I chose this media because I personally am able to tell a story through photography,” said Ashley.


“With schools closed and plans put on hold due to the pandemic, this year’s competition was an important opportunity for students in our region to express themselves through art and showcase their talents. As always, I was blown away by the submissions we received and the high level of skill our students showed. I’m proud of everyone who participated, and I look forward to welcoming Ashley to the Capitol to celebrate her accomplishment once it’s safe to do so,” said Rep. Aguilar.


As the first place submission, “Her Struggle” will be displayed in the US Capitol for one year and the winner and her family will have the chance to travel to Washington, DC to meet with other contest winners from throughout the country. The second place submission, “Reverence for Life” by JiaQi Xang of Rancho Cucamonga will be displayed in Rep. Aguilar’s Washington, DC office. The third place submission, “Angelic” by Eliana Jackson of Rialto will be displayed in Rep. Aguilar’s San Bernardino office.


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Her Struggle by Ashley Cabrera


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Reverence for Life by JiaQi Xiang


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Angelic by Eliana Jackson