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December 18, 2020

Aguilar Names Winners of 2020 Congressional App Challenge

Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that William Porayouw, Diya Theodore, Sanjana Fernando, and Richa Jos, all students at Redlands High School, are the winners of this year’s Congressional App Challenge for the 31st Congressional District. Their app, Eudemonia, is a mental health and wellness app designed to provide users with a daily check-in and connect them with helpful resources and activities. The team met with Rep. Aguilar in a virtual ceremony held earlier this week.  

“The Congressional App Challenge is a great chance for Inland Empire students to show off their creativity and ingenuity, and that’s what team Eudemonia has done with their app. I’m always proud to highlight the talented young people in our region, and I look forward to sharing their accomplishments in the US Capitol,” said Aguilar.

“Mental wellness has always been an important matter to me, and in an age of social distancing, it is something that I strongly feel needs more public awareness. Doing work at the intersection between technology and social activism has not only made me conscious of my role as a student in STEM, but as a citizen,” said William Porayouw.

“We created Eudemonia in an effort to promote mental wellness during a time in which we have seen fear and instability dominate the lives of many of our loved ones. Being able to work on this app with such an inspiring group has led me to realize the beauty of being able to bridge the barriers between computer science and social reform,” said Diya Theodore.

“During the pandemic, I’ve come to realize that technology is only increasing its relevance in a modern world. However, the way we use these incredibly powerful tools is up to us. Spotlighting mental wellness in a fun and creative way can help us be more mindful of our fast-paced lives, and hopefully bring more happiness to a world that could always use more,” said Sanjana Fernando.

“In these unprecedented times, isolation and despair have taken a toll on our loved ones. As we move forward I believe mental wellness is of utmost importance in our lives. Working on Eudemonia has allowed me to recognize the social role technology plays in our community,” said Richa Jos.

As this year’s winner, Eudemonia will be featured on the Congressional App Challenge website, and the team will receive an invitation to the virtual #HouseofCode reception in 2021. More information on the app is available here.