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April 30, 2021

Aguilar Announces Community Project Funding Submissions for the Inland Empire

Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that his office has submitted 10 Community Project Funding (CPF) requests to the House Appropriations Committee. This targeted funding allows Members of Congress to advocate for a maximum of 10 projects that serve the needs of their communities. Recommended by the House Select Committee on Modernization, the CPF process allows Congress to reclaim its constitutional role over federal spending by recommending direct funding for local government and non-profit entities to complete specific projects within their districts. Below are the projects Rep. Aguilar submitted for fiscal year 2022, listed alphabetically by recipient:


Proposed Recipient

Project Name

Requested Amount


Children’s Fund, Inc.

COVID-19 Response Expanded Mental Health Services


The funding will provide support for vulnerable and displaced children in the Inland Empire with appropriate, trauma-informed mental healthcare at the Children’s Fund Child Abuse Forensic Assessment Center.

City of Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga Second Story and Beyond Project


The funding will develop STEM-related museum exhibits and educational programming for K-12 students to inspire the next generation of scientists in the Inland Empire. The City will also conduct outreach to underserved, underrepresented, and minority communities to bring diversity to STEM fields, including in space exploration and research.

City of Redlands

City of Redlands Emergency Operations Center Improvement Project


The funding will help address operational and functional needs at the Emergency Operations Center and will ensure the facility is prepared to respond to any catastrophic events or natural disasters, including earthquakes and fires, in the Inland Empire.

City of Rialto

City of Rialto’s Body Worn-Camera Upgrade


The funding will support transparency in law enforcement by upgrading the city’s public safety body-worn camera system to be used by field (sworn and non-sworn) personnel. This project will build trust between Inland Empire residents and law enforcement, reduce use-of-force incidents, and simultaneously create a higher quality of evidence for law enforcement investigations.

City of Upland

Downtown Upland Main Street Economic Recovery and Revitalization Project


The funding will revitalize the historic Upland downtown district to support small businesses, including through creating pedestrian friendly pathways, rehabilitating decayed public infrastructure, and increasing access to public transportation and will help the community’s small businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Habitat for Humanity San Bernardino Area Inc.

Habitat for Humanity’s Veterans Blitz Build


The funding will allow for the construction at least four homes for honorably discharged veterans in San Bernardino. The funding will provide veterans who served their country affordable housing options, and prevent veterans from becoming homeless.

KVCR Inland Future’s Foundation

Moving KVCR into the Future


The funding would be used for providing Inland Empire community college students with educational experience and workplace training in public radio and broadcasting through continuance of KVCR and its related student programming. This funding will support KVCR’s development team, which will create programs to support students in the Inland Empire.

Mary’s Mercy Center, Inc.

Realizing Educational and Career Hopes (REACH) Project


The funding will create and implement a comprehensive workforce development program for Mary’s Mercy Center’s homeless transitional housing program participants. In partnership with the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Department, the REACH Project will utilize evidence-based workforce development programming and supportive services to provide homeless men, women, and women with children with the foundation needed to obtain and retain employment leading to transitioning to safe and stable housing and self-sufficiency.

SAC Health System

Increasing Access to Healthcare Program


The funding will increase health center access to low-income residents of San Bernardino County through the use of mobile healthcare. The medically underserved population is often unable to access care, lacks the resources to purchase medications, laboratory tests, and nutritious food, and this program will address the numerous barriers that Inland Empire residents face by bringing health care to the low-income residents and improving health outcomes.

San Bernardino International Airport Authority

San Bernardino International Airport Runway Repair Project


The funding will ensure the airport can conduct critical repair work at the airport’s main runway and will help revitalize the airport and create good-paying jobs in San Bernardino.



“I’m proud to support these projects because they meet the immediate needs of our community. From creating good-paying jobs and supporting workforce development, to expanding health care options and providing affordable housing to veterans, these projects will directly improve the quality of life for Inland Empire residents,” said Aguilar.


In addition to CPF requests, Rep. Aguilar’s office directly supported 11 transportation and infrastructure related requests by submitting them for consideration to the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee (T&I):


Proposed Recipient

Project Name

Requested Amount


City of Colton

 Reche Canyon Road Alignment


This project will realign and provide direct connection between Reche Canyon Road and Hunts Lane at the Washington Street intersection to alleviate traffic congestion on the roadway.

City of Rancho Cucamonga

Advanced Traffic Management System 


This project will integrate technology to improve the flow of vehicle traffic and improve safety throughout the city.

City of Redlands

Highland Avenue and Wabash Avenue Intersection Improvement Project


This project will construct a roundabout, with associated transportation elements, at the Highland Avenue/Wabash Avenue intersection to improve traffic flow and provide better pedestrian safety.

City of Redlands

University Street and Brockton Avenue Intersection Improvement Project


This project will construct a four-way traffic signal, with associated signs and striping, at the University Street/Brockton Avenue intersection to improve traffic flow during the morning and evening peak hours.

City of Redlands

Sustainable Mobility Expansion Project


This project will expand the availability of bike lanes in Redlands to decrease motor vehicle traffic and encourage sustainable transit.

City of Rialto

Alder Avenue Improvements at SR-210


This project will wide both northbound and southbound Alder Ave. to provide easier access and reduce traffic congestion onto SR-210.

City of San Bernardino

Replacement of 2nd Street Bridge over Warm Creek


This project will replace a structurally-deficient and currently-closed bridge to reopen the roadway and ensure safety for travelers.

County of San Bernardino

Little 3rd Street Improvement Project


This project will pave nearly 4,000 feet of currently unpaved roadway and construct nearly 6,000 feet of sidewalk to provide better vehicle and pedestrian safety.

Metrolink (Southern California Regional Rail Authority)  

Track Rehabilitation of the San Bernardino Line


This project will rehabilitate railroad tracks on the San Bernardino Line between Rancho Cucamonga and Montclair stations, as well as the two turnabouts between the stations.


“I” Street Operating and Maintenance Facility Rehabilitation Project


This project will provide ADA-compliant building upgrades, expand parking space to accommodate a larger bus fleet, make safety improvements to the site and provide connections to charge electric vehicles.

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority 

West Valley Connector Bus Rapid Transit – Phase 1, and Zero-Emission Bus Initiative


This project will implement a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service from the Pomona Metrolink Station to Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga by investing in infrastructure to reduce traffic and ensure access to charging stations for zero-emissions bus service.