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May 28, 2021

Aguilar Announces Winner of 2021 Congressional Art Competition

Rep. Pete Aguilar announced that Arroyo Valley High School student Roxanne Ybarra is the winner of this year’s Congressional Art Competition for California’s 31st Congressional District for her painting, “Grandma’s House.” Eliana Jackson, a student at Wilmer Amina Carter High School in Rialto finished in second for her work, “All of Nature’s Beauty” and Samantha Garcia, also a student at Carter High School, finished in third with her painting, “Imperfect Blue.” The first place winner’s artwork will be displayed in the US Capitol building in Washington, DC for one year, and the second and third place winners will have their work displayed in the Garcia Center for the Arts in San Bernardino.


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Grandma’s House by Roxanne Ybarra

“Each year, the Congressional Art Competition reminds us of how talented Inland Empire students are. This year’s submissions captured the diversity of cultures and backgrounds that make up our community, and I’m so proud to have the chance to share original artwork and showcase the talents of the Inland Empire with my colleagues in the US Capitol,” said Aguilar.

“The inspiration for my piece was my grandma Lupe and Vicky. Love for our family is a huge part in Mexican culture, especially our grandmas. Her home was always welcoming and loving. I was lucky to personally spend so much time with them, drawing, embroidering, the church fiestas, learning about our family and culture. If you ever needed somewhere to go, grandma’s house was the place to be. Winning the art competition means everything. My grandma Vicky would be so proud and my family is so happy she gets to live on in the painting that will be in the Capital. She is such a special woman. I’m glad I was able to give her this, she always believed in me. I truly am grateful for this opportunity. In the future I wish to have my own art studio. I wish to make more cultural pieces and continue to make myself proud!”

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All of Nature’s Beauty by Eliana Jackson

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Imperfect Blue by Samantha Garcia

In addition to being featured in the US Capitol, “Grandma’s House” will be available to view on and on the official US House of Representatives website.