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February 04, 2022

Rep. Aguilar Introduces the Affordable Housing Resident Services Act 

WASHINGTON, DC — Rep. Pete Aguilar today introduced the Affordable Housing Resident Services Act, legislation that secures funding for affordable housing properties to provide supportive services for their residents.

“The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on the lack of supportive services for low-income families in affordable housing,” Rep. Aguilar said. “While the federal government continues to invest in building housing for low-income families and seniors, there are currently very few dedicated funding sources for supportive services for these residents. My legislation closes that gap while giving families more of the tools they need to get ahead.”  

The legislation creates a five-year grant program under the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide yearly funding to affordable housing property owners for resident supportive services. These services include after-school programs, education opportunities for youth and adult residents, mental health and substance abuse treatment, elderly care, financial literacy training and more.  

The Affordable Housing Resident Services Act earned the support of local groups working to ensure greater access to affordable housing.

“One of affordable housing’s greatest assets is its ability to connect low-income residents to support and resources that can help them build a better future,” said Steve PonTell, President/CEO of National CORE, a non-profit community specializing in affordable, multifamily, mixed-income, senior, workforce and special needs housing. “However, due to limited government funding streams for residential services, most providers rely on fundraising resources and internal budgets, reducing the effectiveness of our nation’s efforts to address poverty. We are very appreciative of Congressman Aguilar’s work to address this critical funding gap.”

“Quality supportive services are essential to elevating the health, well-being and self-sufficiency of youth and families in affordable housing,” said Greg Bradbard, President of the Hope Through Housing Foundation. “This funding will greatly enhance the availability of youth programs, financial guidance, and community resources that empower residents and build equity.”

Rep. Aguilar serves as the Vice Chair of the Democratic Congress and as a member of the House Appropriations Transportation, Housing and Urban Development subcommittee, the subcommittee that oversees funding for federal housing policy.