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July 14, 2022

Rep. Aguilar Passes the Active Shooter Alert Act

WASHINGTON, DC — This week, Rep. Pete Aguilar helped pass the Active Shooter Alert Act (H.R. 6538), which creates a program similar to the AMBER Alert system to warn communities of a nearby active shooter. This bill will allow law enforcement officials to efficiently alert individuals during a shooting.

“Inland Empire residents and Americans across the country are horrified by the continued gun violence tearing communities apart,” said Rep. Aguilar. “This commonsense bill will equip our communities with the necessary resources, trainings and strategies needed to save lives. I will keep fighting to bring our nation’s gun violence epidemic to an end.”

The Active Shooter Alert Act creates an Active Shooter Coordinator at the US Department of Justice who will offer state and local law enforcement officials voluntary trainings, technical support and advice on improving and implementing alert systems.

In June 2020, Rep. Aguilar voted for the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the country’s first major gun violence prevention in nearly 30 years. This landmark legislation that secured life-saving measures to keep weapons out of dangerous hands, bolster school safety and strengthen mental health services.

This legislation is strongly supported by major law enforcement organizations, including the National Sherriff’s Association, Major Cities Chiefs Associations, National Association of Police Organizations, Fraternal Order of Police, National Police Foundation and National District Attorneys Association.

Rep. Aguilar serves as Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus and is a Member of the House Appropriations Committee and the Committee on House Administration.