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March 02, 2022

Aguilar Joins Local Housing Leaders To Highlight Affordable Housing Resident Services Act

SAN BERNARDINO, CA — Rep. Pete Aguilar joined local housing advocates on a tour of the Arrowhead Grove affordable housing property to highlight his Affordable Housing Resident Services Act.

Rep. Aguilar spoke with residents of Arrowhead Grove’s Valencia Vista apartments, 75 units of high-quality housing for low- and middle-income residents of San Bernardino, about how access to afterschool programming, provided by the Hope through Housing Foundation, has helped their families. The services provided at Arrowhead Grove could be a model for affordable housing units across the country.

“When residents in affordable housing communities have access to supportive services like afterschool programs and financial literacy training, it gives them opportunities- to grow and thrive,” Rep. Aguilar said. “We should be doing all that we can to help people make a better life for themselves and their families. My legislation will support families and build stronger communities here in the Inland Empire and across the country.”

Joining Rep. Aguilar were Greg Bradbard, President, Hope Through Housing; Sandra Bowers, Community Director, Hope Through Housing; Jackie Berckley, Community Manager National CORE; Danielle Edwards, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, National CORE; Leo Vasquez, Chief of Staff, National CORE; and Lorraine Kindred, VP Public Affairs, National CORE.

“Living at Arrowhead Grove from day one has been an amazing experience,” said Josephina, a resident of Arrowhead Grove’s Crestview Terrace. “It has offered my family a lot of different opportunities through their social services. I’m excited to see Congressman Aguilar use Arrowhead Grove as an example to expand the same opportunities my family has had to other communities.”

The Affordable Housing Resident Services Act creates a five-year grant program under the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide yearly funding to affordable housing property owners for resident supportive services. These services include after-school programs, education opportunities for youth and adult residents, mental health and substance abuse treatment, elderly care, financial literacy training and more.  

Photos from Rep. Aguilar’s visit to Arrowhead Grove:

Rep. Aguilar serves as the Vice Chair of the Democratic Congress and as a member of the House Appropriations Transportation, Housing and Urban Development subcommittee, the subcommittee that oversees funding for federal housing policy.